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I Workshop de ARTSAT


ArtSat - Art of Satellite Laboratory (for art/science lovers).
CubeSat Model

São José dos Campos, May 6 - 8 2020

At the INPE - Training Computer Laboratory
Avenida dos Astronautas, 1.758 - Jd. Granja
São José dos Campos - SP / Brasil

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ARTSAT (Art of Satellites)

What is an ArtSat? It's a satellite that connects engineering research and artistic, cultural practices. An example of this? The golden record of the Voyagers probes, organized by Carl Sagan and his team. Besides scientific research, the probes carry images, sounds of the Earth, artistic works that already cross the borders of our solar system and tell things of the Earth in Space, so if some other civilization finds them, it will have in hands an interesting archive of terrestrial cultural production.

Many other works like that have been created throughout the history of satellites, some more symbolic, others more structural, anyway, it's always a challenge to think about the imbrication between Satellite and Art, this journey is far from having an end, it's just beginning, so it has an experimental, critical and poetic character, at the same time it fulfills its role of education and scientific dissemination.

Each satellite has a mission! An ArtSat also has, but beyond the requirements of space engineering, the missions of an ArtSat aggregate content that concerns an entire imaginary, poetic, symbolic, fictional, speculative dimension, which has the power to affect sensitivities and futures. Just as science fiction has shaped various perspectives of the future during the twentieth century, it has the power to resize the new plots of the twenty-first century, but for that it needs many more people involved in it. It is our interest to open spaces for the creation of artistic, educational, afrofuturistic, ecological, indigenous, archaeoastronomical, organic satellites that do not yet exist... What we want with this course is to provide at the same time learning in the fields of engineering and poetics.

About the WorkShop

Three day immersion where the enrolled have the possibility to learn how to build an ARTSAT, from a technical mission and an artistic theme. This Artsat will obey a set of norms established by the CubeSat standard.

This Workshop arises from the need to broaden society's access to INPE's scientific and technological production, bringing satellite engineering research closer to artistic projects, promoting transdisciplinary, inclusive and scientific dissemination proposals.

This course is expected to foster new lines of research between Art/Science, technology/Culture, promote technical-scientific knowledge, bring artists and scientists closer together, and enhance the Spatial Culture in Brazil.

This workshop is aimed at an audience interested in orbital poetics, so in addition to nano-satellite engineering structures, it will also prioritize conceptual, artistic and cultural training. What does art do with satellites? At this point the payload is very important.

In July 2020, INPE will host the 3rd CUBEDESIGN, a small satellite competition (CubeSat, CanSat, MockUp, DataScience) where ARTSAT will enter for the first time as a new category. It is hoped that participants in the 1st ArtSAT Workshop will be able to take ownership of the small satellite production technologies in order to register for CUBEDESIGN/2020.

This 1st ARTSAT WORKSHOP is an initiative of SACI-E/INPE (Subjectivity, Art Space Science) - A Space Culture and Artistic Residency Platform promoted by CGETE (General Coordination of Space Engineering and Technology at the National Space Research Institute).

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