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WFDSS 2019


15-18 July 2019, Foz Iguaçu, Parana, Brazil

The Workshop on Fluctuation-Dissipation in Stochastic Systems (WFDSS 2019) aims to be a meeting for researchers and students working in interdisciplinary fields involving statistical physics in a very comprehensive way. The conference program consists of lectures and contribution sessions (oral and poster). Topics involving data science, theoretical and computational methods applied to statistical physics are also within the scope of the conference.

Communications involving some of the following subjects are welcome:

  • New insights on Fluctuation-Dissipation phenomena
  • Thermodynamics of Complex Systems and fluctuation theorems
  • Statistical physics of Non-equilibrium stochastic systems;
  • Chapman-Kolmorogov Equation and beyond
  • Diffusion, disorder, chaos and turbulence in nonlinear processes
  • Anomalous transport, CTRW and applications
  • Self-organization, pattern formation and Extreme events
  • Chemical Kinetics, Hysteresis, Phase transitions and SOC in stochastic processes
  • Fluctuation-Dissipation and renormalization scaling processes in material physics, biophysics, sociophysics and astrophysics.

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