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Palestras Temáticas

  1. Nonlinear Interactions in meteorological models
    Pedro Leite da Silva Dias
    IAG/USP - São Paulo
  2. Meteorological context of the onset and end of the rainy season in Central Amazonia
    José A. Marengo
    CEMADEN – São José dos Campos – SP
  3. Emergence of hierarchical clusters in adaptive networks
    Serhiy Yanchuk
    Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
  4. Network centrality based on reaction-diffusion dynamics reveals influential spreaders
    Igor Sokolov
    Humboldt University at Berlin, Germany
  5. Network Unfolding Map by Vertex-Edge Dynamics Modeling
    Zhao Liang
    USP em Ribeirão Preto
  6. Stochastic model for neural activity
    Benjamin Lindner
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  7. Features of land-cover change derived from satellite images and transition matrices
    Manoel Cardoso
    INPE, São José dos Campos, SP
  8. Embedding of relational data via particle dynamics
    Marcos G. Quiles
    Universidade Federal de São Paulo, São José dos Campos, SP
  9. Simulation of the Holocene climate over South America
    Gilvan Sampaio
    INPE, Cachoeira Paulista, SP
  10. Evaluating the atmospheric origins of current and future drought events in South America using complex networks
    Henrique Barbosa
    Instituto de Física da USP, São Paulo, SP
  11. Exact dynamical solution of the Kuramoto - Sakaguchi Model for finite networks of identical oscillators
    Rene O. Medrano-T.
    UNIFESP, Diadema, SP
  12. Computational modeling of structure and function in neuronal intracellular signaling networks
    Fabio M. Simões de Souza
    UFABC, São Bernardo, SP
  13. Stochastic Equations with Geodesic Jumps: properties and applications
    Paulo Régis Ruffino
    UNICAMP, Campinas, SP
  14. Reconstruction of Complex Networks Dynamics from Data
    Tiago Pereira
    USP em São Carlos, SP
  15. Spontaneous spiking activity in random networks of excitatory and inhibitory neurons with synaptic noise
    Antonio C. Roque
    USP em Ribeirão Preto
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