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INPE-EM (deforestation emission estimates and free software) English website now available

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The INPE-EM system (INPE - Emission Model) is a service of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) which aims to generate, in a spatially-explicit way, annual estimates of greenhouse gases emissions (GHG) by land-cover change in Brazil. The current version of the system, launched in 2012, provides annual emission estimates derived from Amazon deforestation based on the PRODES System.

The system is based on the INPE-EM model, described in Aguiar et al. (2012). The initial version of the model consisted of adapting the "bookkeeping" model proposed by Houghton et al. (2000) to a spatially explicit environment. The initial version addressed the clear-cut deforestation process and the subsequent secondary vegetation dynamics on tropical forests. Several improvements have been incorporated since then. Last October, INPE-EM 2.0 source code was made available for download.

In this new version, new parameters (e.g. partial removal of roots) were introduced to the model in order to make it more suitable to represent different land use practices over different regions and vegetation types. Therefore, new applications might be developed for the remaining Brazilian Biomes or other countries. Carbon pools related with dead organic matter (wood and litter) are now explicitly considered.  In addition, CH4, N2O, CO and NOx along with CO2 emissions are provided. Finally, such estimates are now available both in an aggregate (tables with annual totals) and disaggregated way (as maps composed of regular cells).

For further information, please see the website (  or contact the project coordinators (Ana Paula Aguiar, and Jean Ometto ( from Earth System Science Centre-INPE.


Aguiar, A. P. D., Ometto, J. P., Nobre, C., Lapola, D. M., Almeida, C., Vieira, I. C., Soares, J. V., Alvala, R., Saatchi, S., Valeriano, D. & Castilla-Rubio, J. C. (2012) Modeling the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of deforestation-driven carbon emissions: the INPE-EM framework applied to the Brazilian Amazon Global Change Biology 18(11), 3346-3366.

Houghton RA, Skole DL, Nobre CA, Hackler JL, Lawrence KT, Chomentowski WH (2000) Annual fluxes or carbon from deforestation and regrowth in the Brazilian Amazon, Nature, 403(6767), 301-304.

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