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INPE’s software awarded in Congress
Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The software Automated Model-Based Test Case Generation from Statecharts (GTSC), developed at the National Institute for Space Research (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais – INPE), won third place among the papers presented in the Tools’ Session of the III Brazilian Software Conference: Theory and Practice (CBSoft 2012), which took place in Natal (RN) from September 23-28.

The paper "GTSC: Automated Model-Based Test Case Generation from Statecharts and Finite State Machines" is authored Valdivino Alexandre de Santiago Júnior, Nandamudi L. Vijaykumar, Érica F. de Souza, Danielle S. Guimarães and Raffael C. da Costa.

The software GTSC is the result of joint work between the Coordination of Space and Atmospheric Sciences (CEA) and the Associate Laboratory for Computing and Applied Mathematics (LAC) of INPE.

The GTSC has been used in research and development of softwares in computers onboard scientific satellites and stratospheric balloons, developed at CEA/INPE. It is currently being used to support the validation process of the scientific experiment protoMIRAX, an instrument that will fly onboard a stratospheric balloon, built at Astrophysics Division (DAS) of CEA/INPE.

The GTSC project began in 2006, when his proposal was approved by the National Scientific and Technological Development Council (CNPq). Even after the end of CNPq support, the project continued to be developed by professionals of the Institute and Postgraduate students.

"The award obtained in CBSoft 2012 shows the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) recognition to our work and therefore demonstrates the effectiveness of this research, and of the software tools supporting such research, conducted by CEA and LAC. This research aims to improve the quality of software products. Although GTSC has been used in space area of INPE, it can be used for any other types of reactive systems, such as software for rockets’ computers, airplanes, among others," says Valdivino Santiago, CEA researcher and one of the GTSC creators.

For Nandamudi L. Vijaykumar, a researcher of LAC, the close collaboration between both areas has enabled the scholars and post-graduation students in Applied Computing (CAP) to assist in developing a tool to qualify softwares developed by INPE. "I am extremely happy with this award which increasingly emphasizes that CAP and LAC are working for INPE's missions," concludes Vijaykumar.

Valdivino Santiago CEA/INPE (right) receives the award from the Tools Session coordinator at CBSoft 2012

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