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11/09/2015 - New study from the Brazilian Institute of Space Research (INPE) quantifies the role of deforestation and forest degradation in the CO2 emissions until 2050
02/26/2015 - INPE-EM (deforestation emission estimates and free software) English website now available
12/18/2012 - Infrastructure for monitoring the ionosphere in South America will be discussed on February at INPE
11/19/2012 - Brazil to share experiences of environmental monitoring during international event
11/14/2012 - Foz do Iguau to host meeting on Earth Observation. GEO Plenary for the 1st time in Brazil
11/09/2012 - EUROCLIMA Workshop presents studies on drought, desertification and land degradation in Latin America
11/09/2012 - INPE retrieves Antarctic meteorological data
11/07/2012 - INPEs researcher is a member of an international organization for data sharing
11/07/2012 - Paper submission for Remote Sensing Symposium
11/06/2012 - INPE launches meteo-oceanographic buoy in Antarctica
10/23/2012 - Atendee registration for the International Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics
10/17/2012 - INPE hosts Workshop of the International Precipitation Working Group
10/11/2012 - Image of INPE among the winners of Photography, Art and Science Award of CNPq
10/10/2012 - Innovative astronomical camera will be developed at INPE
10/09/2012 - Experiment will investigate the impact of ocean changes on atmosphere
10/09/2012 - INPE testing Amaznia-1 structural model
10/05/2012 - Researchers to address outcomes for Pantanal conservation
10/05/2012 - Overflight confirms vegetation fires and deforestation observed by satellites in Mato Grosso
10/04/2012 - Texas 2012 closing deadline for early regular registration fee next week
10/03/2012 - INPE teaches forest monitoring by satellite to technicians from Cambodia and Bangladesh
10/03/2012 - INPEs software awarded in Congress
10/03/2012 - The GLPs re-designed website is now online
09/21/2012 - INPE monitoring ionospheric climate and weather
09/17/2012 - SAMBBA mission to be addressed in Porto Velho
09/17/2012 - Researchers created the Brazilian Society of Space Geophysics and Aeronomy
09/14/2012 - NASAs researcher to address a lecture about the major planetary missions
09/11/2012 - Workshop to address policies for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation
09/10/2012 - INPEs network of lightning and severe storms detection inaugurated in Rio Grande do Sul
09/05/2012 - 5th year of Soy Moratorium outcomes
08/24/2012 - Argentina's telecommunication satellite is qualified at the INPE's Integration and Testing Laboratory
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