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Research and Development

Space and Atmospheric Sciences
A pioneer at INPE, this area comprehends the physical and chemical investigation of phenomena occurring in the atmosphere and outer space of interest for the country. It runs researches and experiments in the fields of Aeronomy, Astrophysics, and Space Geophysics.
Weather Forecast and Climate Studies
Develops researching and activities in the fields of Meteorological Sciences, Meteorology by satellite, Weather Forecasting, and Climate. The operational activities for weather and climate forecasting are carried out with the operation of a supercomputer, which renders possible reliable weather and climate forecasting within a reasonable notice.
Space Engineering and Technology
An area focused on the development on space systems and technologies intended for a number of applications, such as the execution of projects and construction of satellites and land-based systems. It carries out development actions in the fields of Space Mechanics and Control, Aerospace Electronics, Ground Systems and Manufacturing.
Earth Observation
Involves scientific and technological knowledge in the fields of remote sensing and geoprocessing, natural resources survey and environmental monitoring. It carries out activities in the fields of researching, development and applications in the areas of Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing.
Satellite Tracking and Control
It comprises the development of control systems for satellites on low orbit and geostationary satellites It encompasses activities carried out at the So Jos dos Campos Campus, and at the Earth Stations in Cuiab Mt, and Alcntara MA.
Integration and Testing Laboratory
It develops highly specialized activities on component qualification and space systems, making development, assembly, integration and tests on space systems, as well as qualification and analysis of failures on components for both space and industry use in the country, under international standards.
Associated Laboratories
An area focused on basic researching and on the technological development in INPE related fields. It encompasses activities in the fields of Sensors and Materials, Plasma, Computing and Applied Mathematics, Combustion, and Propulsion.
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