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:: Friday, October 20, 2017
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Strategic Goals

1 - Extending and consolidating competences in technical-scientific excellence and innovation in the space and tropical environment in order to responding to national challenges.

2 - Developing, in worldwide sphere, scientific and technological leadership in space and tropical environment scope emphasizing Brazilian specificities.

3 - Extending and consolidating competences in weather forecasting and global climate change.

4 - Consolidating INPEs performance as a unique institution in the segment of satellites and space technologies development.

5 - Promoting industrial policy for the space sector oriented towards the growth and sustainability of its space activities, and, additionally, oriented towards the technological-basis industrial development.

6 - Strengthening positive actions along the national and international institutions.

7 - Providing a sufficient infra structure.

8 - Establishing a new human resource policy to INPE, based on strategic management of competences.

9 - Identifying and implementing a management and institutional pattern, in conformity with the specificities and challenges that has been presented to INPE.

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