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International Relations Affairs

About SCRIN:

INPEs International Relations Affairs (SCRIN) is intended to assist in the institutionalization of international cooperation initiatives, particularly with regard to the realization of space missions and participation in global multilateral agreements.

Among the responsibilities of SCRIN are included:
  • Assistance in the preparation of international agreements and assistance in the installation and monitoring of processes for international cooperation formalization;
  • Organization of the documentation of the signed international agreements;
  • Preparation of meetings with the authorities of foreign agencies who visit the Institute;
  • Participation in meetings and events that aim to enter into international agreements with INPE and
  • Attend to the demands of national and international bodies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE); Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication (MCTIC); Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) and United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), on international cooperation issues.

Given that the institutional coordination and cooperation in research, development and innovation, are issues of extreme importance to science and technology organizations, the strengthening of institutional relations at national and international level becomes crucial for INPE to achieve its strategic objectives.

In the cooperation of the Institute with other science and technology organizations, are encouraged initiatives that contribute in particular to:
  • Expansion of the generation and dissemination of knowledge through research and development activities;
  • Sharing of scientific and environmental data;
  • Access to technology (including sensitive technologies);
  • Seeking funding and capacity building;
  • Expansion of markets for the national space industry and
  • Sharing teams and infrastructure.

Regarding international cooperation, efforts are focused on projects linked to national development priorities that cause the intensification of political, economic and trade relations between Brazil and the partner countries, acting based on a consonant relationship strategy with the guidelines from MCTIC, AEB and MRE.
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