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The First Galileo Solar Space Telescope Workshop will be held at the Fernando de Mendonça Auditorium, in the Integration and Testing Laboratory - LIT, of the National Institute for Space Research - INPE, located in São José dos Campos - São Paulo.


Mapa do INPE

Avenida dos Astronautas, 1.758 - Jardim da Granja, São José dos Campos - SP, ZIP:12227-010
Google Maps: Q4VQ+6G Jardim da Granja, São José dos Campos - SP

Travel to São José dos Campos

By plane

Guarulhos International Airport, at Guarulhos City, 80 kilometers from the INPE, is served directly by bus.

To get to São José dos Campos from the airport, you can choose between bus (Passaro Marrom), Taxi, or Uber.

Travel to the venue

By Bus

The National Institute for Space Research (INPE) can be reached by bus JD. UIRA - TERMINAL CENTRAL - Line 209 from the Central Station (Hours and Itinerary - portuguese only).

National Institute for Space Research

The National Space Research Institute is a Brazilian state research institute whose mission is: Produce science and technology in the space areas and the terrestrial environment and offer products and unique services for the benefit of Brazil.

The Research and Development fields at INPE can be seen in the INPE's website: http://www.inpe.br/institucional/pesquisa_desenvolvimento/

São José dos Campos city

São José dos Campos Source: Prefeitura de São José dos Campos

It is the biggest city in Paraíba´s Valley and it is located about 90 km away from São Paulo capital. There you will find worldwide known technology industries, in addition to having an enormous environmental preservation area. It also has great hotel options.

São José dos Campos is a city that brings culture, tradition and technology together. In its urban center you will find federal scientific research institutes, technology companies, modern architecture buildings, universities, colleges and skilled labour formation. The city rural area has almost 70% of its territory, and a great portion of it is environmental protection areas.

It is the main Paraíba´s Valley Metropolitan Region city and the most important aeronautic and aerospace pole in Latin America.

It is strategically located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and it links these cities through modern highways and by its airport; the city is very close to beaches, mountain region and other touristic destinations inside the Valley. You can get to Ubatuba, Campos do Jordão or Aparecida (where you can find the National basilica, the biggest Marian sanctuary in the world) in about two hours by car.

It is distinct in the country due to its business potential, which presses forward investments in its hotel network, as well as in its trade and services business. That can be seen in the huge number of people who look for São José daily for mall, industrial and technological poles visitations, as well as visitations to educational centers or colleges.

For more information check the City Hall website.

Source: http://www.sjc.sp.gov.br/

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