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A Breviary of Seismic Tomography: Imaging the Interior of the Earth and Sun Guust Nolet 9780511984709 2011
A Compositional Approach to Performance Modelling Jane Hillston 9780511569951 2009
A Guide to MATLAB: For Beginners and Experienced Users Brian R. Hunt, Ronald L. Lipsman, Jonathan M. Rosenberg 9781139164801 2012
A Handbook of Descriptive and Practical Astronomy George Frederick Chambers 9780511709937 2011
A History of the Science and Politics of Climate Change: The Role of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Bert Bolin 9780511721731 2010
Accretion Power in Astrophysics Juhan Frank, Andrew King, Derek Raine 9781139164245 2012
Accretion Processes in Star Formation Lee Hartmann 9780511552090 2009
An Introduction to Atmospheric Thermodynamics Anastasios Tsonis 9780511619175 2012
Astrophysical Flows James E. Pringle, Andrew King 9780511802201 2012
Astrophysics Processes: The Physics of Astronomical Phenomena Hale Bradt 9780511802249 2012
Atmospheric Pollution: History, Science, and Regulation Mark Z. Jacobson 9780511802287 2012
Chemical Oceanography and the Marine Carbon Cycle Steven Emerson, John Hedges 9780511793202 2012
Climate Change: A Multidisciplinary Approach William James Burroughs 9780511803819 2012
Climate Change: Biological and Human Aspects Jonathan Cowie 9780511803826 2010
Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions Edited by Katherine Richardson, Will Steffen, Diana Liverman 9780511973444 2011
Computation, Proof, Machine: Mathematics Enters a New Age Gilles Dowek, Translated by Pierre Guillot, Marion Roman 9781139026581 2015
Computational Aeroacoustics: A Wave Number Approach Christopher K. W. Tam 9780511802065 2012
Computing Tomorrow: Future Research Directions in Computer Science Edited by Ian Wand, Robin Milner 9780511605611 2009
Confronting Climate Change: Risks, Implications and Responses Edited by Irving M. Mintzer 9780511608292 2010
Correlation Pattern Recognition B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar, Abhijit Mahalanobis, Richard D. Juday 9780511541087 2009
Discussions on Climate and Cosmology James Croll 9781139506120 2014
Dryland Climatology Sharon E. Nicholson 9780511973840 2011
Ecological Climatology: Concepts and Applications Gordon Bonan 9781107339200 2015
El Niño and the Southern Oscillation: Multiscale Variability and Global and Regional Impacts Edited by Henry F. Diaz, Vera Markgraf 9780511573125 2010
Essentials of Programming in Mathematica® Paul Wellin 9781316337738 2015
Face Geometry and Appearance Modeling: Concepts and Applications Zicheng Liu, Zhengyou Zhang 9780511977169 2011
Frontiers of Climate Modeling Edited by J. T. Kiehl, V. Ramanathan 9780511535857 2009
Fundamentals of Digital Imaging H. J.  Trussell, M. J. Vrhel 9780511754555 2010
Fundamentals of Lightning Vladimir A. Rakov 9781139680370 2016
Handbook of CCD Astronomy Steve B. Howell 9780511807909 2012
Heliophysics: Active Stars, their Astrospheres, and Impacts on Planetary Environments Edited by Carolus J. Schrijver, Frances Bagenal, Jan J. Sojka 9781316106778 2016
Heliophysics: Evolving Solar Activity and the Climates of Space and Earth Edited by Carolus J. Schrijver, George L. Siscoe 9780511760358 2013
Heliophysics: Plasma Physics of the Local Cosmos Edited by Carolus J. Schrijver, George L. Siscoe 9781107340657 2013
Heliophysics: Space Storms and Radiation: Causes and Effects Edited by Carolus J. Schrijver, George L. Siscoe 9781139194532 2013
Human-Induced Climate Change: An Interdisciplinary Assessment Edited by Michael E. Schlesinger, Haroon S. Kheshgi, Joel Smith, Francisco C. de la Chesnaye, John M. Reilly, Tom Wilson, Charles Kolstad 9780511619472 2010
Image Registration for Remote Sensing Edited by Jacqueline Le Moigne, Nathan S. Netanyahu, Roger D. Eastman 9780511777684 2011
Impacts of Climate Change on Allergens and Allergic Diseases Edited by Paul J. Beggs 9781107272859 2016
Internal Gravity Waves Bruce R. Sutherland 9780511780318 2014
Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry Peter V. Hobbs 9780511808913 2012
Introduction to Subsurface Imaging Edited by Bahaa Saleh 9780511732577 2012
Inverse Problems in Atmospheric Constituent Transport I. G. Enting 9780511535741 2009
Land Use and the Carbon Cycle: Advances in Integrated Science, Management, and Policy Edited by Daniel G. Brown, Derek T. Robinson, Nancy H. F. French, Bradley C. Reed 9780511894824 2013
Living in a Dangerous Climate: Climate Change and Human Evolution Renée Hetherington 9781139083607 2012
Machine Vision Wesley E. Snyder, Hairong Qi 9781139168229 2012
Magnetohydrodynamics of the Sun Eric Priest 9781139020732 2014
Managing Climate Risks in Coastal Communities: Strategies for Engagement, Readiness and Adaptation Lawrence Susskind, Danya Rumore, Carri Hulet, Patrick Field 9781783084876 2015
Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation: Special Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Edited by Christopher B. Field, Vicente Barros, Thomas F. Stocker, Qin Dahe 9781139177245 2012
Mantle Plumes and their Record in Earth History Kent C. Condie 9780511810589 2011
Microclimate and Local Climate Roger G. Barry, Peter D. Blanken 9781316535981 2016
Microcomputers and Mathematics James William Bruce, P. J. Giblin, P. J. Rippon 9781139172264 2012
Mobile Computing Principles: Designing and Developing Mobile Applications with UML and XML Reza B'Far, Foreword by Roy T. Fielding 9780511546969 2009
Mobile Robotics: Mathematics, Models, and Methods Alonzo Kelly 9781139381284 2014
Modern Fortran in Practice Arjen Markus 9781139084796 2012
Motion Deblurring: Algorithms and Systems Edited by A. N. Rajagopalan, Rama Chellappa 9781107360181 2014
Multilayer Social Networks Mark E. Dickison, Matteo Magnani, Luca Rossi 9781139941907 2016
Natural Disasters and Adaptation to Climate Change Edited by Sarah Boulter, Jean Palutikof, David John Karoly, Daniela Guitart 9780511845710 2013
Nonlinear Climate Dynamics Henk A.  Dijkstra 9781139034135 2013
Observational Astronomy: Techniques and Instrumentation Edmund C. Sutton 9780511862335 2012
Ocean Atmosphere Interaction and Climate Modeling Boris A. Kagan, Translated by Mikhail Hazin 9780511628931 2010
Physics of Space Plasma Activity Karl Schindler 9780511618321 2010
Phytoplankton Pigments: Characterization, Chemotaxonomy and Applications in Oceanography Edited by Suzanne Roy, Carole A. Llewellyn, Einar Skarstad Egeland, Geir Johnsen 9780511732263 2012
Primer on Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Facts, Policy Analysis, and Applications Mohan Munasinghe, Rob Swart 9780511622984 2009
Principles of Linear Systems Philip E. Sarachik 9781139174756 2012
Principles of Space Instrument Design A. M. Cruise, J. A. Bowles, T. J. Patrick, C. V. Goodall 9780511584503 2009
Remote Sensing of Landscapes with Spectral Images: A Physical Modeling Approach John B. Adams, Alan R. Gillespie 9780511617195 2010
Researches in Theoretical Geology Henry T. De la Beche 9781107358461 2014
Solar and Stellar Magnetic Activity C. J. Schrijver, C. Zwaan 9780511546037 2009
Spacecraft-Environment Interactions Daniel Hastings, Henry Garrett 9780511525032 2009
Statistical Analysis in Climate Research Hans von Storch, Francis W. Zwiers 9780511612336 2010
Text Processing and Document Manipulation: Proceedings of the International Conference, University of Nottingham, 14-16 April 1986 Edited by J. C. van Vliet 9780511663130 2010
The Adaptive Challenge of Climate Change Edited by Karen O'Brien, Elin Selboe 9781139149389 2015
The City and the Coming Climate: Climate Change in the Places We Live Brian Stone, Jr 9781139061353 2012
The Climate Connection: Climate Change and Modern Human Evolution Renée Hetherington, Robert G. B. Reid 9780511750397 2012
The Climate Crisis: An Introductory Guide to Climate Change David Archer, Stefan Rahmstorf 9780511817144 2013
The Climate of London: Deduced from Meteorological Observations, Vol 1 Luke Howard 9781139226899 2013
The Climate of London: Deduced from Meteorological Observations, Vol 2 Luke Howard 9781139226905 2013
The Cobham Journals: Abstracts and Summaries of Meteorological and Phenological Observations Made by Miss Caroline Molesworth, at Cobham, Surrey, in the Years 1825 to 1850 Caroline Molesworth, Edited by Eleanor A. Ormerod 9781139923613 2015
The Complete Weather Guide: A Collection of Practical Observations for Prognosticating the Weather, Drawn from Plants, Animals, Inanimate Bodies, and Also by Means of Philosophical Instruments Joseph Taylor 9781107323841 2014
The Earth's Mantle: Composition, Structure, and Evolution Edited by Ian Jackson 9780511573101 2009
The Economics of Climate Change: The Stern Review Nicholas Stern 9780511817434 2014
The El Niño-Southern Oscillation Phenomenon Edward S. Sarachik, Mark A. Cane 9780511817496 2011
The European Nitrogen Assessment: Sources, Effects and Policy Perspectives Edited by Mark A. Sutton, Clare M. Howard, Jan Willem Erisman, Gilles Billen, Albert Bleeker, Peringe Grennfelt, Hans van Grinsven, Bruna Grizzetti 9780511976988 2011
The Frozen Earth: Fundamentals of Geocryology Peter J. Williams, Michael W. Smith 9780511564437 2009
The Global Climate System: Patterns, Processes, and Teleconnections Howard A. Bridgman, John E. Oliver 9780511817984 2012
The Rock Physics Handbook: Tools for Seismic Analysis of Porous Media Gary Mavko, Tapan Mukerji, Jack Dvorkin 9780511626753 2010
The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change: A Guide to the Debate Andrew E. Dessler, Edward A. Parson 9780511790430 2012
The Scramjet Engine: Processes and Characteristics Corin Segal 9780511627019 2010
The Seismic Analysis Code: A Primer and User's Guide George Helffrich, James Wookey, Ian Bastow 9781139547260 2013
The Seismicity of Egypt, Arabia and the Red Sea: A Historical Review N. N. Ambraseys, C. P. Melville, R. D. Adams 9780511524912 2009
The Self-Potential Method: Theory and Applications in Environmental Geosciences André Revil, Abderrahim Jardani 9781139094252 2013
The Solar-Terrestrial Environment: An Introduction to Geospace - the Science of the Terrestrial Upper Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and Magnetosphere John Keith Hargreaves 9780511628924 2010
Theory of Reflectance and Emittance Spectroscopy Bruce Hapke 9781139025683 2012
Topology for Computing Afra J. Zomorodian 9780511546945 2009
Two-Dimensional Wavelets and their Relatives Jean-Pierre Antoine, Romain Murenzi, Pierre Vandergheynst, Syed Twareque Ali 9780511543395 2009
Understanding the Earth System: Global Change Science for Application Edited by Sarah E. Cornell, I. Colin Prentice, Joanna I. House, Catherine J. Downy 9780511921155 2012




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