Program and Abstracts

April 24 (Tuesday)
Hour Chair Duration
08:00 Registration
09:00 José
10 Opening words (INPE's Director)
09:10 10 ANGWIN Historical (Michael J. Taylor)
09:20 20 ANGWIN Project (Tracy Moffat-Griffin)
09:40 20 Wrasse, Cristiano Max
Thermospheric Nightime MSTIDS observed by an all-sky imager at Comandate Ferraz Antactica Station (62ºS)
10:00 30 Coffee break
10:30 Cristiano
30 Taylor, Mike (Invited Talk)
ANGWIN Research Activities at Utah State University:  Summary and Future Plans
11:00 20 Corwin Wright (Tracy Moffat-Griffin)
Exploring gravity wave characteristics over the Southern Andes and South Georgia Island
11:20 20 Pautet, Pierre-Dominique
Investigation of Mesospheric Gravity Waves over South Pole and McMurdo Stations using two Advanced Mesospheric Temperature Mappers
11:40 20 Pautet, Pierre-Dominique
Gravity Wave Ducting over Antarctica
12:00 120 Lunch
14:00 Tracy
30 Kim, Jeong-Han (Invited Talk)
Observations for the polar upper atmosphere research at Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI)
14:30 20 Kam, Hosik
Propagation analysis of mesospheric gravity waves on OH and OI-557.7nm airglow layers over King Sejong Station, Antarctic Peninsula
14:50 20 Raunheitte, Luís Tiago Medeiros
Characterization of the effects of Gravity Waves in the ionosphere using VLF
15:10 20 Figueiredo, Cosme A. O. B.
Latitudinal differences of medium-Scale traveling ionospheric Disturbances observed over Andes Mountains
15:30 30 Coffee break
16:00 Emília
30 Reichert, Robert
Retrieval of intrinsic gravity wave parameters from lidar and airglow temperature data and radar wind data
16:30 20 Perwitasari, Septi (Masaru Kogure)
Development of a Phase Velocity Spectral Analysis Software Package (M-Transform) for Airglow Imaging Data
16:50 20 Zhao, Yucheng
First Coordinated AMTM and Fe lidar Measurements at McMurdo, Antarctica
17:10 20 Zhao, Yucheng
Investigating Mesospheric Wave Activities at High Latitude Stations and South Pole
17:30 End of Session


April 25 (Wednesday)
Hour Chair Duration Presentation
09:00 Mike
30 Moffat-Griffin, Tracy (Invited Talk)
Gravity waves in the lower atmosphere above South Georgia (54ºS, 36ºW)
09:30 20 Kogure, Masaru
Different propagation characteristics of mesospheric gravity waves in Syowa and Davis, the Antarctic, using OH airglow imagers
09:50 20 Nyassor, Prosper K.
Determination of gravity waves parameters in the airglow combining photometer and imager data
10:10 20 Rodrigues Gómez, Jenny Marcela
Solar Spectral Irradiance (SSI) from CODET model and their relation with Earth’s upper atmosphere
10:30 30 Coffee break
11:00 Lourivaldo
30 Kherani, Esfhan A.
Dynamics of Acoustic Gravity Waves and their role in the generation of Atmospheric Ionospheric Disturbances
11:30 20 Katamzi-Joseph, Zama
Multi-instruments observations of atmospheric gravity waves/traveling ionospheric disturbances (AGWs/TIDs) associated with enhanced auroral activity
11:50 20 Rourke, Sharon (Frank Mulligan)
A survey of mesospheric frontal events observed at Davis Station Antarctica (68°S, 78°E) during the period 2002-2012
12:10 20 Correia, Emília
Ionospheric investigations at Comandante Ferraz Brazilian Antarctic Station
12:30 Lunch, Workshop Photo
14:00 Hisao
20 Jee, Geonhwa
Mesospheric and lower thermospheric neutral winds measured by Fabry-Perot Interferometer and Meteor Radar at King Sejong Station, Antarctica
14:20 20 Bilibio, Anderson V.
Medium-scale gravity waves obtained from airglow all-sky observations over Cachoeira Paulista
14:40 20 Egito, Fabio
Nonlinear interaction between an ultrafast Kelvin wave and the diurnal tide and their effects on the MLT airglow
15:00 20 Lima, Lourivaldo M.
Planetary waves observed in the MLT region with a meteor radar at Ferraz Station, Antarctica
15:20 30 Coffee break
15:50 Pierre-Dominique Pautet 30 Bageston , José V.
Historical background of all-sky airglow observations at Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station and small-scale gravity waves climatology
16:20 20 Essien, Patrick
Seasonal characteristics of small- and medium-scale gravity waves in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere over Brazilian equatorial region
16:40 20 Lopes, Bibiana C.
Temperature behavior analysis during events of secondary effect of the ozone hole
17:00 20 Bittencourt, Gabriela D.
Influence of the Antarctic ozone hole on the southern region of Brazil in the last 11 years
17:20 End of Session
Workshop Dinner


April 26 (Thursday)
Hour Chair Duration
09:00 Igo
30 Takahashi, Hisao
Ionospheric dynamics over South America observed by TEC mapping
09:30 20 Andrioli, Vânia  F.
Study of the morphology of  Na and K layers on MLT region
09:50 20 D'Amico, Dino E.
Ionospheric anomalies associated with earthquakes
10:10 20 Barros, Diego
Characteristics of equatorial plasma bubbles observed by TEC map over South America
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 José
20 Paulino, Igo
Possible influence of lunar semidiurnal tide in equatorial Spread-F
11:20 20 Lomotey, Solomon O.
Long-wave propagation in the lower thermosphere and its response to the ionospheric F layer over Brazilian equatorial region
11:40 60 Round Table
12:40 10 Closing Remarks
12:50 Lunch
14:00 60 ANGWIN Committee Meeting
14:00 60 Visit to EMBRACE and LIT
15:00 End of Workshop