Amazonia - 1

National Industrial Participation

The MMP project had a development approach that seeks a intense participation of Brazilian companies of the space sector. The same philosophy was maintained for the payload module, following a guideline of the National Policy for the Development of Space Activities - PNDAE (Decree 1332, of 12/8/1994), which places industrial participation and national capacity building in strategic technologies among the central objectives of the Brazilian Space Program.

About 60% of the budget resources destined to the development of the Amazonia 1 satellite were destined to contracts signed with the national industry for the development and manufacture of subsystems and equipment.

The following table details the national companies responsible for the development of each subsystem of the Platform and the Payload Module:

Service Module (PMM)
Service Module Structure CENIC Engenharia Indstria e Comrcio LTDA
Solar Generator ORBITAL Engenharia
Propulsion Fibraforte Engenharia Indstria Comrcio
Módulo de Carga Útil
Payload Module Structure CENIC Engenharia Indstria e Comrcio LTDA
WFI Camera Equatorial/ Opto Eletrônica
AWDT X-Band Antenna Omnisys Engenharia Ltda
Digital Data Recorder Equatorial Sistemas
RTU Omnisys Engenharia Ltda
DC/DC AEL Sistemas

INPE - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais