Amazonia - 1

Carga til

The Payload Module is composed by the imaging camera and recording and data transmission equipment.

Vista aberta do Mdulo de Carga til do Satlite Amazonia 1

Payload Module Subsystems

The Payload Structure provides support and protection for the Payload equipment from both the aggressive launch environment and the space environment when in orbit. The Payload Structure is composed by a set of structural components and their connections that serve as support for the installation of equipment door panels and closing panels or walls.

Subsistema Estrutura Mecnica do Mdulo de Carga til

The Amazonia 1 imager is a WFI Camera developed and used in the CBERS Program, therefore, an equipment already with flight heritage. Images captured by the imager and the auxiliary data are processed in a processing unit (SPE) and sent to the Digital Data Recorder - DDR subsystem to be recorded or to be transmitted to the ground via the camera's data transmission subsystem (AWDT).

The telemetry and remote control interface of the WFI Camera is realized through a Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU), which requires power supply at regulated voltages through a DC / DC Converter. These two equipment, RTU and DC / DC Converter, specific for operation of the WFI Camera, are described below.

This subsystem was developed and manufactured in Brazil.

Subsistema Cmera WFI

The Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) has the function of remote telemetry acquisition and the distribution of commands associated to the WFI Camera.

Its activities are controlled by the OBDH Subsystem, which sends commands to RTU via the MIL-STD 1553B bus. The RTU of the Amazonia 1 satellite is similar to that one used in the CBERS program, being an equipment with flight heritage.

Equipamento RTU

The DC/DC Converter has the function to provide power to the RTUs.

Since the RTUs were designed for the CBERS Program, whose electrical architecture is distinct from the Amazonia Program, it was necessary to include the DC/DC Converter in the satellite. With this solution, the original WFI design characteristics are maintained, ensuring for the Amazonia 1 the use of equipment already flight proved.

Equipamento DCDC

The DDR Subsystem consists of Solid State Recorder (SSR) equipment and Interconnect Cables. The SSR incorporates the DSS (Digital Signal Switch) functions.

The DDR is responsible for storing image data from the imaging camera when the satellite is out of view of the earth stations. During the visibility period, image data in real time or stored is sent from the DDR to the AWDT Data Transmitter to be transmitted to the earth stations.

The use of DDR in Amazonia 1 gives flexibility to the mission, allowing to acquire images not only during the period of visibility of the satellite by the ground stations, but also of other areas of the terrestrial globe.

Gravador Digital de Dados (DDR)

The AWDT subsystem is responsible for transmitting image data from the imaging camera to the earth stations.

This subsystem includes AWDT Antenna equipment, two amplifiers (TWTA), two QPSK Transmitters, Distribution Controller (SDC), High Power Switch (HPS), Range Pass Filter (GMP), plus waveguides and coaxial cables.

This subsystem was designed and manufactured in Brazil.

Transmissor de Dados da Cmera (AWDT)
INPE - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais